The Winning Numbers for
Saturday, March 17th


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I Luv Lotto is a Free Online Sweepstakes Lottery website, where you can Play for Free and Win Real Cash Prizes.

How to Enter

Pick 5 numbers between 1-69 & 1 Bonus 1-26
We hold drawings twice a week on Wed and Sat nights
The cut-off time to enter tickets is 6pm CST
You only need a valid email address to enter
You only have to match 1 number to win a prize!
Results are emailed the morning after each drawing
Members can submit 10 Entries per drawing

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Our Next Drawing
Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Our Current Jackpot

I Luv Lotto Prizes
Bonus 1 Extra Entry
1 1 Extra Entry
1 + Bonus 3 Extra Entries
2 5 Extra Entries
2 + Bonus 10 Extra Entries
3 $1.00
3 + Bonus $10.00
4 $50.00
4 + Bonus $500.00
5 $10,000.00
5 + Bonus


Winner's Circle
Most Recent Winners
      Kathy M. in Virginia
      Amanda G. in Louisiana
      william b. in Alabama
      Claude H. in Ontario
      Winston H. in Ontario
      Tauqeer A. in New York
      Anamaria A. in British Columbia
      linda H. in Minnesota
      Harvey A. in Ontario
      Douglas P. in Massachusetts
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